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The Future of Fine Jewelry
IDD Luxe is a new division, focused on developing innovative collections that have never been seen in the jewelry industry. By using sales data from modern customers, IDD Luxe will deliver exciting, upscale solutions for independent retailers across the nation.

A highly-curated collection of lab-grown diamond jewelry, featuring an innovative new setting. By allowing 360 degrees of unobstructed diamond views, the SkySetting allows you and your jewelry to shine like never before. Thanks to patented technological advancements, SkySet shows up to 70% more surface area with no metal covering the top of the stone. This unprecedented design makes your diamonds appear as if they're floating above the skin.

A breakthrough bridal collection, featuring mix-and-match capabilities and omni-channel customer touchpoints. Moze allows customers to choose from thousands of different options to create the perfect ring, then finalize their purchase or continue exploring more possibilities in store.

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